I am a London-based Digital Artist working in mixed media. Recently, I have been exploring and understanding my relationship with abstraction when it is becoming a part of my process. I am exploring having artworks that re-present 'the real' through abstracted forms to uncover different perspectives. As the artist, there is the freedom of following my intuition whilst letting the audience try and connect to the work without constraints.
My practice explores the idea of going between the physical and digital, looking at the information that is lost or gained when going between the two. Being inspired by Arturo Herrera, abstraction is explored mainly through the use of 3D photogrammetry. This method of going between the physical and the digital makes me question myself and what it means to have a background in fine art, to then go into graphic design, then into digital art. Mixing the traditional and contemporary methods.

Exhibitions & Festivals

TNESSID Exhibition, 2023, Spazju Kreattiv, Malta
Resolution' 2023, The Place, London
'Abstract Mind' 2023, CICA Museum, South Korea
'SPRINT' Festival 2023, Camden People's Theatre, London
'SHIFT+SPACE' 2023, Theatre Deli, London
'Moving with the Times' Festival, 2023, Pegasus Theatre, Oxford
'Zero-kai' Exhibition 2023, SKT Gallery, London
Peckham Festival 2022, London
'X marks the spot' Exhibition, Deptford X Fringe Festival 2022, London
'Being Neither Here nor There Exhibition", Deptford X Fringe Festival 2022, London

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