Medium: Large Scale Projection, Live Performance of Dance and Music
RETRACED is a live performance in collaboration with dancer artist Lucy Clark, digital artist Daniela Zaharieva, and experimental musician Phillip Kinshuck. The piece integrates live decision-making between the arts and uses interactive movement to explore boundaries of visibility using large-scale projection. 
This project began with a conversation about invisible disabilities. RETRACED breaks the boundaries of the body form as we know it, whilst conveying a struggle to be seen. This is present in the visuals and further enhanced by the dancers’ interaction - appearing in and out of the light, never fully hidden in the darkness. Reflected in the interaction between the live musician and the dancer - the music creates anticipation, forming a hyper-focus on the dancer and their relationship with the light of the projection. 
The visuals derived from past improvisations of the dancer, taking their ‘habits’ and reflecting on them and their purpose.  Allowing the dancer to re-experience the movement through interaction with the projection, retracing their memory as it alters slightly in every recollection.
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