Medium: Large Scale Mural Projection
‘prelude’, my most recent work, exhibited in /unreel (Stephen Lawrence Gallery, 2021) is an introduction to my ongoing exploration of abstraction. In this project, letterforms are used as 'the real', aiming to challenge something familiar. Heavily influenced by the notion of ma (a Japanese term translating roughly as ‘negative space’), the large-scale projected installation offers the audience a moment to slow down and breathe. The pace of the piece allows for a lapse in memory, having the flowing movement explore the different spaces through projection. 
Having focused on Graphic Design in the past few years, I have used letterforms as a form of communication. Now transitioning into becoming a digital artist, I want to challenge something that is familiar to me—pushing to find another reality beyond my experiences. Abstraction within this project is used to pull out certain information while also taking out the connotations of the letterforms, becoming a bridge bringing the imagination into reality. The aim is not focused on languages but on challenging structures and grids used in typography, bringing attention to the rhythm that is communicated through these forms. To borrow a phrase from Ebon Heath, the aim is focused on ‘listening with your eyes.
'/unreel' Exhibition, 2021 , Stephen Lawrence Gallery
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